Those who struggle with confidence in their personal lives – are most likely struggling to have confidence in their professional careers as well. Confidence is an important attribute to have, especially if you want to be successful in the workplace. According to, “When you believe in yourself you are more likely to take action. To stand up and seize the moment. And to persevere long after those who doubt themselves.” People are attracted and drawn to those with a healthy confidence in themselves – they look up to those people and want to be like them. It is important to learn how to have confidence in yourself.

So how do you gain confidence? Here are 3 tips for building confidence in yourself and your abilities:

1. Do What Scares You

Confidence – like any worthwhile trait – is not always easy to obtain, it requires stepping out of your normal routine, out of your bubble and into the unknown. Take a look at your life and the things you are scared to do – then do the things that scare you. According to, “If you lack confidence in speaking up during business meetings, then you need to start speaking up during business meetings.” Step out of your comfort zone, do the things that scare you and you will gain confidence in those areas of your life.

2. Be Kind to Yourself

According to to gain confidence in yourself you should, “Remind yourself that, despite your problems, you are a unique, special, and valuable person, and that you deserve to feel good about yourself.” Remind yourself on a daily basis that you matter, that you are important, that you have something to contribute to the workplace and the world.

3. Dress the Way You Want to Feel

“Your appearance is your expression to others about who you are and what you stand for. The way you look reflects your self-image, attitude, confidence, and state of mind. A strong purposeful presence is the hallmark of an effective image. – Natalie Jobity

According to, you should “dress the way you want to feel.” Dress in sweatpants and a stained shirt and you will feel tired and dirty. Take the time to dress up in clean nice clothes and you will feel clean, energized, productive and confident.

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