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Technology has allowed most of us to upgrade our lives in a variety of ways. Here are 5 apps that have changed my life for the better!

Evernote – When it comes to organization, I have always been a lover of paper products. I like to hold my calendar in my hand and flip through the pages. I like to use a pencil to write in my schedule & engagements. I enjoy that satisfying feeling of writing a task on a to-do list, and then crossing it off. But after a friend gave me such a glowing recommendation for Evernote, I had to check it out. Now I’m definitely a convert (although I still use paper to-do lists), and use it for keeping my writing, client information & audio recordings all organized.

Edgar – For many long years I spent hours and hours each month putting my social media posts into an auto scheduler (mostly Hootsuite), and then I eventually hired someone to do the inputting, at the cost of $100 per month. Both methods had pro’s & con’s, but the biggest issue was the hours every month that someoneĀ had to put it, whether it was me or a hired hand, cutting & pasting & scheduling each post. But Edgar has changed all that! Now, I have a library of content that I can add to anytime, which remains in the library forever! Then it’s just a matter of creating the time slots for each type of post, and Edgar manages it all, while recycling content automatically. With the recently added Shuffle button it’s easy to mix up your content to keep the posting fresh!

Pocket – This was another recommendation from a friend, and it’s totally upgraded how I read, organize and keep track of articles. We live in a time of information overload, so it’s important to have everything categorized & easy to access. I love that I can send pieces of interests to friends, it’s a great way to recommend articles. It’s also how I organize my research for speaking topics or writings, using the tag system to save information that I’d like to reference in the future. Often I’ll take a break from more active work by surfing social media, and when I find an article of interest, Pocket makes it easy for me to save it for when I have enough free time to read it.

WordPress – Ok this one is a website, not an app, but it’s changed my life most of all. My businesses have always had an strong online presence, and for many, many years I was restricted to hiring someone to build websites as well as update & maintain them. WordPress has made it easy enough for me to do nearly everything I need to do, which saves me a ton of money. I still hire designers to build the site initially, but after that I can make changes to pages, create my own blog posts, and do any other small updates that might be needed.

Upgrading Hulu & Pandora – this one is another small cheat, doing 2 at once, but I couldn’t leave either one out! Music is a very important part of my life, when I’m working at home I always have something soothing playing in the background which helps me stay focused on my work. I haven’t paid for cable in years, since Hulu has been available. I’ve used both of these services for many years, and it wasn’t until the end of 2015 that I decided to pay for the upgrade to eliminate commercials on both platforms. It’s a small difference that makes a big impact! The commercials interrupting my music stream were always such a distraction & could really screw up my flow. The commercials on Hulu were repetitive and tended to make me not want to buy whatever they were aggressively shilling. It’s a small price to pay for peaceful listening & watching.

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