We had such a great conversation the last time I was on that Ronn invited me back to ask the question “Is sexism still alive and well?” and the answer is a sad but resounding, “yep.”

Everywhere you look these days there’s an issue or conversation that’s impacted by sexism, most notably politics, the tech sector and how women are dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace.

We talked about how Senator Kamala Harris was treated during the Jeff Sessions testimony, being interrupted by her male colleagues again and again as she tried to get direct answers to her direct questions.

The conversation goes on about how large a role sexism played in the outcome of the 2016 election and there’s still a remarkable number of people who are more interested in bashing Hilary Clinton than taking a look at the political chaos we’re currently embroiled in. In fact most of the calls I received during the hour were about how the caller “isn’t sexist but just hates the sound of Hilary’s voice, she’s so shrill” (as just one example.)

Our biases are rooted so deeply, it’s naturally difficult for us to see them clearly. Both men and women are affected by the sexist culture we all live in, which creates a double standard for how gender is used to police behavior. Just because we don’t think of ourselves as sexist doesn’t mean we don’t unconsciously buy into stereotypes, that’s what unconscious bias is all about. But it doesn’t make you, or me, or any of us a bad person, it means that we need to be aware that our perceptions are colored and to take that into account when we’re accessing and interacting in the world.

Sounds easy, right?!



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