“The familiar, even if it’s not working, is always more comfortable than the unknown, but growth is not meant to make us comfortable. Its purpose is to stretch so we can perform at our full potential and reach and achieve our highest purpose.” – who is this quote by? it was in SXSW2015 presentation

I’ve had friends who would whine about something they weren’t happy with in their life. Their job, or their lover or messy their apartment always is. But when I’d say, “Ok! Let’s brainstorm solutions and what steps you need to take to make a change!” and they’d suddenly have to go, my patience wears a bit thin. Of course, we all procrastinate and I’m not made-of-motivation by any means. But inevitably, if you’re more scared of making change than you are of things staying the same, you’re not going to make any moves that create tension or uncertainty.

If we are not feeling uncomfortable to some degree, we are not pushing ourselves.

Human nature is also wanting to avoid being ostracized because we still have it in our brains that we might be left out in the savanna, and our village might leave us, and not give us food.

What is a way that you push your own comfort zone? How can you incorporate this into your life?

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