Confident Women: Ditch the Bitch Stigma

Do you ever shrink from speaking up because you don’t want to be thought of as a bitch? Have you ever worried about the stigma against women being ‘bossy’ or ‘overbearing’? Many women struggle with being assertive because of these concerns which can prevent both personal and professional growth. Rather than avoiding confrontation, learn how to stay true to yourself, while amplifying your power.

Through dynamic storytelling & unconventional problem solving methods, you’ll gain techniques to develop a self assured presence which will improve your verbal & non-verbal communication, no matter what the topic is. Building authentic confidence and making your communication style work to your best advantage are crucial to your success.

In this presentation we’ll answer these questions:

  • How can physical techniques boost assertiveness when communicating?
  • How can tapping into internal triggers cultivate a confident mindset?
  • How can communication be structured to support confidence?


Riding the Elephant in the Room: Diversity in Action

These days, the elephant in the room can be any number of things: sexism, racism, sexual orientation, gender identity, or politics, just to name a few. Companies are scrambling to create environments that respect diversity and channel employees’ various identities and perspectives into more success.

Diversity is a hot topic right now, and everyone agrees that the tech industry needs more inclusive environments. When teams are homogeneous, creativity and innovation suffer.

But how do we actually achieve diverse and inclusive environments? Some elements include: communication, mutual respect and focusing on the goal of delivering the most profitable, successful product or service.

In this presentation, we’ll answer these questions:

  • Why is diversity such a crucial component to success?
  • What are the steps companies and individuals need to take to make the most of diverse perspectives?
  • How do teams deal with clashes and personal conflict that arise due to diversity?


Bossy or Bro? How not to be a douche in the digital age

Men and women are socialized to communicate differently. Those differences can mean big problems for individuals and organizations alike. Never has this been more true than in a digital age. Messages are amplified and go viral through the social ether faster than you can say Like. Gendered obnoxiousness — what we really mean when we use Bossy for women and Bros for men — can spread out of control like wildfire.

Words are powerful. Tone matters. Bad communication feeds bad company culture. Bad culture stops organizations performing at their best or attracting the best talent, and damages their brands in the marketplace. Just ask TechCrunch, SendGrid, Pycon, Klout and many more. Markets are diverse. For product teams to create things people want, they need to be diverse too.

In this presentation, we look at:

  • How gender (or even more importantly, perception of gender) can derail perfectly good chances to communicate, listen, and create community and culture.
  • How women can be assertive, take leadership, and get powerful work done without being labelled “Bossy”.
  • How teams and organizations can make positive communications practices part of their culture, and how people (of any gender) can cultivate good habits of clear communication without walking on eggshells.