One of the most important concepts in my “Confident Women: Ditch the Bitch Stigma” is the “Bitch Spectrum”. Many people have a specific picture of how a bitch acts, but I have found that those perceptions are limited to the negatives. Some of the descriptive words that have come up in this workshop are

Rude, Condescending, Bull Dozer, Selfish

and that’s just a small selection of descriptors. However I believe that there’s a positive way to exhibit “bitch behavior” (as a note, if you’re not comfortable with the word bitch, you can insert bossy, the cultural implication is the same).

Parks & Recreation (one of my favorite shows) has a whole episode devoted to this concept. In a nutshell, the storyline is this:

Donna, one of the women who works in the Parks & Rec office is caught tweeting negative statements about her boss, Leslie Knope, and includes the hashtag #BitchBoss and are usually about how hard she’s required to work, or when Leslie is acting annoying. But by the end of the episode, she’s pointed out that she also uses the hashtag #BossBitch to highlight when Leslie does something impressive.

I love this episode because it gives a name to these two contrasting ideas of what a “bitch” is.

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