Keynote Speaker For Your Conferences and Corporate Trainings

After hearing me speak at places like Harvard, Stanford and SXSW, people say I’m a provocative, informative and knowledgeable leader…with a twist. I’m a former dominatrix and lifelong entrepreneur, and I teach people how to apply the lessons about power and communication I’ve learned in both arenas.

They’re not that different.

Domination, for example, is about imagination and inspiring people to take the actions you command. Business is about innovation and galvanizing your team to actualize your vision. Domination means that believe your voice should be heard and that you should be listened to. So it is with leadership.

Neither are about arrogance or puffing yourself up at the expense of others. Instead, both spheres require confidence so that you can lead on behalf of others.

Nobody is going to take you seriously anywhere – boardroom, bedroom – unless you’ve got forward-moving confidence and top-notch communication skills.

It’s especially critical that ambitious women master these competencies — and, if companies want to fully utilize the genius of half its workforce, it’s even more critical that they provide opportunities for their women employees to develop and practice them.

That’s what I teach women (and sometimes men, too) in my unforgettable events: how to communicate with power and precision and expand into your potential.

I’m a distinctly entertaining (and informative) choice for your corporate trainings and conferences, which means they’ll be talking and tweeting about your event for days.

And practicing what I teach.

That outcome — your employees will pay attention, take action, and make improvements — is why I’ve been booked to speak at 150+ keynotes and corporate workshops in the last 13 years.
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