Kali is an entertaining, informative, powerhouse speaker who instigates unexpected ah-ha moments for her audiences. She uses storytelling and her unconventional background to keep listeners engaged while giving them concrete and actionable advice. Kali is a provocative, revelatory, knowledgeable leader…with a twist.

After bringing innovation to sex education, Kali’s working to give a kick to women’s empowerment and diversity especially in the tech and startup communities.


I help women who want to be heard and the companies who want to hear them – but how did I get here?

With a lot of talking! I’ve always had a lot to say and I believe that not only should I be heard, but I should be listened to.

Which isn’t to say I’m innately confident and have always felt invincible. Confidence is a muscle, not a feeling, which means you have to train it.

Fortunately, it’s very trainable.

That’s good news, especially for me, since now I find myself speaking to and training the brightest, most switched-on and making-it-happen audiences in the most impressive companies, universities, and conferences in the country. It could make a person nervous.

It does. I do it anyway.

I’ve always been fascinated by confidence and communication and being seen and heard – which probably explains my bold journey and unconventional career.

It’s true, I went from college kid to stripper to professional dominatrix.

Along the way, I started an online sex education academy that brought together educators, therapists, doctors, and specialists in their fields. We produced and curated a huge trove of videos and online classes and went on to help thousands of people develop healthy and satisfying sex lives. At the same time – serial entrepreneur here, is there a support group? – I was coaching women in developing their sexual confidence and communication skills.

And what I found, time and time again, was what I taught them about confidence and communication in the bedroom started changing things for them everywhere – especially, and most unexpectedly, at work.

A-ha moment.

I was already speaking about sex, confidence & communication to big-name audiences, but now I started speaking to groups of women about careers, confidence & communication. I started speaking to larger groups.

I’ve shared my experiences at some of the most prestigious universities in the country. I spoke at SXSW. The next year, I spoke again. And the year after that and the year after that. Last year, there were 200 people waiting to get into a room that held 50.

There was a message there. I decided to listen.

I decided to step fully onto that stage and teach people the lessons I’ve learned about power, confidence and communication from being a dominatrix and an entrepreneur.

Now I teach you how to get your colleagues, employees and even your boss to listen to you. I teach you how to communicate assertively and accessibly. I teach you how to get clear about what you want to accomplish and set yourself up for as much success as is possible in your world. I teach people how to speak up in meetings, how to cope with mansplaining (and for our male allies: how to stop doing it), and how to get credit for your work. I even teach you how to thwart the office bully.

And you won’t even need a whip.

Just well-practiced communication and the kind of confidence that helps you rise and rise and rise.