But as women, we’ve been socialized to be people-pleasers. We’re constantly steeped in messages to shrink ourselves and take up less space.

But here’s the truth about what’s good for your career and your life:

(and it’s contrary to nearly everything we’ve been taught…)

Speaking up. Advocating on your own behalf.

Because your colleagues and your company need your genius.

You make them look good. You make them money.

Which is why holding back serves no one — especially not you.

I’m Kali Williams and I’m a Keynote Speaker and Your Confidence and Communication Coach.

I’ve spoken at 150+ events, including at Harvard, Stanford, and SXSW each year for the last four years.

I’m a provocative and distinctive choice for corporate trainings and conferences because I teach people to apply the business lessons I learned from being a lifelong entrepreneur and a former dominatrix.

In a way, they’re one and the same. Domination is fundamentally about confidence and believing you should be listened to (within carefully defined boundaries).

And so it is with business and leadership.

Here’s my biggest lesson: success is success and making it happen anywherebedroom, boardroomrequires robust social skills and powerful self-belief. Both arenas are about effective communication. They’re about confidence. They’re about managing risk, overcoming your fear of rejection, and working well with other people. Leadership in any sphere means articulating and advocating for your vision.

You need to show up, speak up, use your voice, be brave, lead, follow, create.

You need serious negotiation skills.

You need serious communication skills.

And you need confidence.

I teach you how to get yours.

When I speak, I tend to pack the house. People pay attention to what I have to say. My conclusion? This is a message they’ve been longing to hear.

That’s what I do in both my group training with rising superstars and the executive and entrepreneurial women I coach 1:1, too.

I teach you how to identify who you are and what you have to offer, and then practice + polish your communication skills to express your truth powerfully and persuasively.

Because that’s what I want women to know: that your voice matters and you deserve to be heard — especially at work but not just at work. Everywhere.

That’s what I want for you:

  • I want you to claim your space. It’s yours. No one and I mean no one is entitled to your place in the world.
  • I want you to use your voice and know, truly know, that yes you do deserve to be heard.
  • I want you to be able to pick and choose when and where and how you speak up. Softly. Loudly. In your own inimitable style. In your voice.
  • I want you to be able to claim your work and your contributions. They matter. Getting credit matters. (Nobody is going to take care of your career better than you, so steward it wisely.)
  • I want you to be able to express yourself in a conscious way that moves your career and your life forward.
  • I want you to get yours: your seat at the table, your role on the project, your name on the masthead, your name on the building.
  • I want you to lead your colleagues and employees and all of us forward into a white-hot new future.

And that future is so much closer than it sometimes seems.

Claim it. Use your voice to call it forward.

I’m here to help you express what you want; learn to communicate with clarity, precision and influence; and set yourself up for as much success as is possible in your world.

Trainings? Events? Coaching? Talk to me.

Is This Where You’re Standing?

  • You’re at a decision point.
  • You’ve had a career or personal epiphany and your mindset has shifted, radically.
  • Or you’re looking for an epiphany (or just plain insight) so you can provoke that radical shift in yourself.
  • Or you’re all about incremental, compounding progress and you’re ready – overdue, even – to take your next wildly practical step.

Then a Lightning Session Might Be Your Next Step

Gotta admit: I’m a bit of a tough love coach. I’m not about platitudes, empty encouragement or hand-holding. But I’m also your biggest cheerleader.

I want you to believe you can achieve it, because I already know you can.

I’m also about asking the most important question in your life and career: “What now?”

As in: Okay, I get it, I’m ready and willing…what now? What’s my next step?

That’s what your one-hour, 1:1 Lightning Session is about: strategy.

We’ll brainstorm, figure out what you want, and then identify your next moves.

So you can make them.

Let’s get going.

A Season of Study: Three Month Coaching Packages

Let’s say you’ve got one of those big audacious goals.

You know where you want to go – that’s truly clear – but not necessarily how to get there.

You’re ready to work together to identify the incremental series of improvements you need to make.

You’re ready to step forward and speak up. It’s time to be heard.

In times like these, it can be a serious advantage for you to have a strategy coach to help you define the framework and the strategic moves you need to make AND help you develop the competencies and masteries you need to succeed.

And grow into your fullest human potential. Because not only do you deserve self-confidence, you deserve self-knowledge.

Communication. Confidence. Exercises. Role play. Reflection. Tasks. Voice, Voice, Voice. I’ll work with you, one-on-one and in depth over the course of one business quarter, to help propel you forward in your career, life and inner life.

Triumph isn’t a one-off event. It’s an ongoing journey and it requires claiming your space, speaking your truth, devotion, practice and mastery.

Obviously, you want it.

And you deserve to be heard.
So let’s go get yours.