Kali Williams gets rave reviews everywhere she speaks. Audiences love her, and she is consistently rated as a top speaker at events nationwide. With a sparkling presence and quick fire intelligence, Kali is entertaining, challenging and exciting to listen to. She uses stories and lessons from a fascinating background to help people communicate better, see problems from a different perspective, and create new ideas and understanding.

Kali keynotes industry conferences, summits and corporate events, as well as presenting classes and workshops. She can help give your event a real edge, upscale its interestingness, and add diversity, empowerment and spark to the mix.

Great ideas come from the collision of domains and creating excitement. And Kali is an expert at both.

Contact us to discuss how we can tailor a keynote, talk or class, and make your event one that attendees will be tweeting and talking about for months afterwards. Email us at kali@kaliwilliams.com.