“SHE WAS AWESOME. If I wasn’t interested in the topic I’d still go to hear her speak.” — Jessica

“She has a way of captivating an audience’s attention while being interactive and humorous with them at the same time. They are always a pleasure to attend and look forward to learning more from her in the future.” –Matt

“Your personality, your style, your class, your education, and your amazing ability to give and communicate. You are a treasure my dear. A treasure.” – Ginger

“While I generally don’t attend events specifically for classes, and there are few presenters that I enjoy seeing more than once or twice, whenever you are on the schedule, there is absolutely no question in my mind that whatever subject you’re presenting on, is one that I will find not only informative, but also entertaining. For those reasons, when presented with two classes I might be interested in, I will always choose one of yours. ” –SD

“Great class! You obviously enjoy what you do and that comes through in your speaking.” –Frank

“You were so fantastic the other night! The audience reacted so well and were totally along for the ride the entire way– you definitely know how to command a crowd. Of course. Thank you again and again for being our guest.” – Eric, Host of MysteryBox Storytelling

“I’ve attended several of Kali’s classes… What stays with me is Kali’s intelligence, imagination, capacity for empathy and above all, authenticity.” –Simon

“Warm, wickedly twisted, informative and fun.” –M.

“I was struck by Kali’s enthusiasm, energy and insight. It’s clear that she is very well-versed in her subject matter, and she has the rare ability to communicate and teach what she knows. I will happily attend any workshop or seminar that Kali teaches in the future.” –Lisa