Let’s face it. Most corporate events are boring. They fail to really inspire people or generate new ideas. Every now and then a speaker can lift an entire event by giving it new life and perspective. Kali is that speaker.

Kali does this through a portfolio of topics that are both highly interesting and tap into important cultural and social trends.

Your see it in your Facebook feed every day. Startups and big companies alike struggling with perceptions of sexism, lack of diversity, bro cultures, cultural and social insensitivity, and downright douche headedness. Most workplaces suffers from poor communication, corporate psychopaths and abusive behaviour. These problems impact their brands, culture and their bottom lines.

Kali doesn’t believe in bland or generic. Her talks are not another set of boring canned corporate speak and buzzword bingo. She’s going to get your audience jumping, challenge them and help them to see things from a new perspective.