Your goals are big. Sometimes, the journey to get there feels impossible. In some cases, you don’t even know what the finish line looks like. When you have big dreams, big professional goals, and your eyes on a specific prize, however, don’t let yourself get held back! Get started on that journey, even if you aren’t sure how you’re ever going to reach the end.

Build Contacts

One of the most important pieces of the professional puzzle is your network: the people you connect with, know, and support in the business world. Whether you opt for a networking group or start your journey by attending professional conferences, events, and seminars in your field, you’ll quickly find that the right network can make a big difference in helping you get the start you need. Not only that, your contacts can help you build confidence and create the image you need for your professional start.

Do One Thing

What’s one thing you can do to move toward your goals–even your insubstantial goals–in the next month? What about the next year? Often, the first step on your journey to professional success is the hardest one. What can you do to help you get started? Is it:

  • Attending a class or pursuing a certification?
  • Applying for a job that’s outside your comfort zone?
  • Creating a high-quality, professional website that showcases your skills and your professional efforts?
  • Going to a seminar or event in your industry and connecting with people there?

Commit to doing something to help move forward with your professional goals–even if it seems to be a small thing. Any progress is better than sitting still!

Create a Plan

Even if you don’t know what your end result looks like, you’ve got a pretty good idea of some of the stops along the way. You might, for example, know that you want a position in a specific field or that you’re interested in working for a particular company. You might know that you have certain skills you’d like to use professionally. Whatever you know about your professional goals and dreams, design a plan that will help you get there. Set some specific dates and deadlines. Break down the steps that you’re going to take, then start taking them. This time next year, who knows where you’ll be?

Embarking on the journey to reaching your professional goals is daunting, but it’s also a journey that’s well worth it. Don’t let yourself sit still, and don’t let anxiety get in your way! Before you know it, you’ll be crushing your goals and achieving dreams you thought were impossible.